Why join Harley Owners Group after buying HD motorbike

Just bought a Harley? Drive it through the roads of Brisbane and have fun! But Harley bike rides are more enjoyable when you’re riding with other Harley hobbyists. Thus, join Harley Owners Group (HOG) in Brisbane for a fascinating motorcycling experience.

harley bike rides

The HOG is the official Harley community consisting of different chapters worldwide. Joining means you can have support in owning and maintaining you’re new motorbike. It can grant you access to Harley activities, such as private bike rides and discounted sales. And it can allow you to participate with charities for worthwhile causes too.

And these can certainly make your bike rides far more enjoyable.

Best Harley bike rides with the HOG community in Brisbane

Do you want to enjoy your precious Harley to the fullest? Register as a member of the HOG community in Brisbane! That can let you enjoy these experiences and advantages as a Harley owner:

Reliable Harley support

Do you need help in maintaining, servicing or even customizing your Harley motorbike? Yes, you can connect with a reputable dealership or service centre for it. But a community of Harley owners can surely help you.

For example, you can ask other riders about modifications they apply on their motorbikes. They can personally show it, or even help you do the same to your Harley. They can guide you to the best accessories for a fantastic Harley Davidson bike ride as well. Moreover, they can point you to reliable servicing centers or part sellers in the city.

You can even have some chance to talk with dealership or servicing staff casually. For example, you can make friends with them throughout a bike ride, then enjoy conversations on breaks.

Enjoy strong comradery

The HOG community doesn’t simply enjoy things about Harley. They build strong bonds as friends whether on or off the motorbikes too. You can visit and enjoy places you pass through motorbike rides around Brisbane, or chill over some mugs of beer. Click here Gasoline Alley

Get exclusive deals

Being an HOG member gives you access to exclusive Harley offers. For example, you can buy discounted Harley helmets, jackets, gloves and other motorcycle gears. You can subscribe to the official Harley magazine as well. You can receive few copies annually, so you can read different articles about Harley Davidson, its motorbikes and the HOG club.

Join private bike rides in the city

Yes, you can enjoy bike rides through public roads and tracks all over Brisbane. But some tracks require payments and registrations for you to enter. And these private tracks are some of the best places for Harley bike rides in the city.

Joining the HOG can give you free access to such tracks. The club organizes private bike rides that members can enjoy each month. And you can’t let such big chance pass you by, can you?

Participate with charitable programs

Many HOG chapters conduct charitable works in their local place. In Brisbane, for example, you can join Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson (GAHD) club. Then, join them in sponsoring some causes in the city. This includes developing the Willowbank Raceway, and promoting the Warriors Way competition.

This allows you to experience Harley bike rides on a different level.

Thus, you should join the Harley Owners Group right after buying your own Harley to get better support for your new motorcycle. Moreover, you can feel enjoyment as a part of a true community as well.

If you’re in Brisbane, you can join the GAHD club at You can Google “motorbike rides near me” if you’re in a different place too. Bring your Harley with you, and register as an official HOG member.