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Corporate Catering for Themed Parties

Setting up themes for a party is a great way to make an event more memorable. It also gives a sense of coherence for the party planners so that they can create decorating ideas based around that theme. In fact, you can even use the theme to decide the flow of the program and to recommend what your guests will wear to the party. The best catering Melbourne has to offer should be able to provide a themed menu for more impact. However, creating a menu that will fit the theme is not always as easy as it seems.

The first challenge for Melbourne catering companies on serving food at themed corporate events is to come up with the menu itself. It is important that the food served at the event will not only fit the theme, but something that the guests will truly enjoy. You should therefore identify what type of cuisine you must prepare for the guests to suit the theme. If you have an Italian fare, for example, you should serve the traditional Italian dishes like pasta, lasagna, eggplant rolatini, and chicken parmesan. But if you decide to have a BBQ themed party, you can go a different route and serve all grilled and BBQ options. It is possible with the best catering Melbourne has to offer.

When creating themed menus with caterers Melbourne has to offer, it is important to consider your guests as well. You cannot go wild with your menu options. You must look at catering as an essential part of the party, not something you can compromise. For instance, you have to ask yourself this question – will my guests enjoy this type of food? Will the food satisfy their craving? You have to look at the food being catered from your guests’ perspective. It is easy to lose sight on this when you are overwhelmed with planning your party around a theme.

The number of guests attending is another crucial factor to take into account with function catering Melbourne services. Determining the number of guests to cater at a themed party is more important in the sense that some of the dishes might take longer to prepare. The catering team should know exactly how many guests they need to serve to determine the amount of prep time needed.

Aside from choosing a menu to complement your corporate party theme, you have to consider the venue. The venue will help decide whether you should serve a buffet style meal or plated-in for guests per table. The cost difference between buffet and plated-in dinner is something you have to consider as well. However, this is something to consider when you create a custom menu plan for your guests at a themed party.

With these pointers, it should be easier to stay on track of your themed party preparations. You may know go on a search for the best catering Melbourne has to offer. Whether you want a formal or more relaxed themed event, food is of the essence. Hence, you should not settle for anything but the best. Check at Essential Caterer