5 Best Ways to Take Care of your Windscreen

A car’s windscreen has multiple purposes: it provides the driver with a clear view of the road, it protects the interior of the car from rain, hail, and snow, and it stops flying debris like dust and insects from hitting the passengers.

On top of these, this front window also serves as an important barrier during accidents and emergencies. When the airbags are engaged, they rise and bounce off the windscreen to protect the passengers. An undamaged front window can also stop passengers from flying out of the car during a collision or a rollover event.

Windscreens are undeniably one of the most important features in a car, so always remember to take care of yours by following these steps:

  • Do not slam your doors

Regularly slamming your doors causes intense vibrations inside the car. This can lead to small cracks to form on your window or result in a completely loose windscreen in the future.

  • Watch out for changes in temperature

The interior and exterior temperature can greatly affect a car’s windows as well.

On hotter days, always remember that constantly parking your car under the glaring heat of the sun may damage and even lessen the integrity of your windscreen. During the colder months, remember that shocking your car by letting it go through sudden changes in temperature may result in cracks, pits, or even a completely shattered window.

  • Clean with the right products

Whether you are dealing with old or new windscreens, always make the time to clean them with the right products. Majority of the screenwash on the market contain ammonia; however, these are meant to be used in the glasses and windows in your homes. Therefore, constantly using an ammonia-filled solution can damage your car windows’ tint in time and may leave unsightly streaks on the glass as well.

That’s why it’s better to use special car screenwash solutions or even vinegar for your windscreens. Try to use cotton or microfiber towels as well to lessen the chances of streaks and scratches.

  • Clean your wipers

While you are keeping your car windows clean, make sure to keep your wipers are clean as well. Dust, sand, or even small and sharp rocks can easily find their way in a car’s wipers if left unchecked. As a result, make sure to regularly clean and replace them so that you will not get any surprise scratches when you turn them on.

  • Get the damages fixed immediately

Chipped windscreens may not look concerning at first, but it can lead to bigger problems if left unattended. The same applies for small pits or cracks on your window. Leaving these small damages alone can lead to a larger crack or even a completely shattered window in the future. These are also a hazard to the passenger’s safety since a damaged windscreen will not be able to protect the passengers in the event of an accident.

Should you ever find your windscreen with more damage than you can handle, do not hesitate to bring in your car to a shop specialising in windscreen repairs in Cumbria or any neighbouring towns. For a faster repair, you can also try calling a windscreen repair and replacement companies like Allscreens Nationwide to come to you instead. For more details, visit their website at:

How do you take care of your car’s windscreens?